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Welcome to Abundant Eight Creative - Graphic Design by Heather J. Kirk. Please enjoy my extensive portfolio by clicking on a shaped icon in a gallery then view the slideshow. I  look forward to working with you on you your business needs, book projects, or art submissions!
Heather and Abundant Eight!


Abundant Eight Creative enjoys a wide range of experience in design: book covers, book interior layout, logos, newsletters, bookmarks, postcards, business cards, one sheets, all advertorial and promotional work, websites, etc. Our design rate is $100 per hour. We'd be happy to discuss your needs with you so we can provide an accurate estimate for your unique project(s). Print coordination and print project quotes also available.

Editing rates are $40/hour. For book projects, we do a 2 hour test edit from which we then extrapolate the price for the entire manuscript. That way we get an idea of your 'voice" and style, as well as the level of editing needed.


We begin with a top level line edit,  including not only grammar, punctuation and spelling, but also flow, order, logic, fact checking and content as it applies to your stated goals (meaning whether you stray too far or need to expand). We use Track Changes function in Word which allows you to go through and either accept or reject the changes made. We start the test edit upon receipt of a $80 non-refundable deposit.

For BOOKS, expect .012 - .04/word, with a minimum of 25,000 words ($300). For ONE run through. APPROXIMATELY: Proofreading $3/page; Copy editing $6/page; Line editing $10/page. For copy or line editing, I suggest an  additional proofreading ($3/page max) after all changes made and accepted/rejected using Track Changes.


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